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Bravo Carpet Cleaning is a 100% family-owned company. With over 20 years in the cleaning business we are sure to take care of all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs! We are located in Los Banos, CA. Just call (209) 826-6350.

The Bane – Clean Way Products

We use the full Bane – Clene line, by becoming certified at the Bane – Clene school joining the Yellow pages program, our company Bravo Carpet Cleaning became a member of the Operation ABC program. Bravo Carpet Cleaning is registered with some carpet mill companies throught out the nation.Our Cleaning Agents are safe and easiest to use and special problem solvers available, all products are highly concentrated and highly effective.

Bravo Carpet Cleaning
Address: Los Banos, CA 93635
Phone: (209) 826-6350

Scotchgard – Brand Carpet Protector

The girl is lying on floorScotchgard is a protector that will help keep your stains above the surface of the carpet fibers. It gives you a chance to pick up The girl is lying on floorspills that fall on your carpet and keep it from running deep into the fibers. We are certified to scotchgard your carpets. Scotchgard is advise to spray on your carpets every third cleaning.

Bravo Carpet Cleaning is your ideal choice for a professional and affordable carpet cleaning company. We proudly serve our clients in Los Banos, CA and in the five areas listed below.

Top 5 Areas We Serve:

Merced, CA;

Tranquillity, CA;

Newman, CA;

Stomar, CA;

Hilmar, CA;

Dos Palos, CA;

Brito, CA

Trent, CA

Dos Palos, CA

Gustine, CA

Volta, CA

With over 20 years in the industry, we make sure that we can take care of all your upholstery and carpet cleaning needs. Throughout the years, our company has been among the preferred resident carpet cleaning companies in the area that always know how to satisfy our clients. Our team of experts is always ready to react quickly and clean your carpets in a timely and professional manner. By doing the job yourself, you risk damaging your carpeting. Why risk your investment and waste your time when you can hire our carpet and upholstery cleaning company to do the job for you? By having an excellent price-to-performance ratio, we make sure every cleaning job goes according to plan. Every service is provided using top-quality equipment, products, and supplies. Contact us today!

If you are looking for a dependable and affordable carpet cleaning company, pick up the phone and contact us at (209) 826-6350 right away!


Bravo Carpet Cleaning has included house cleaning to our carpet cleaning business many people have called to clean their carpets and asked if we can clean their homes so it can be ready for them to move in.

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For faster service call – (209) 826-6350!


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I hired Bravo Carpet Cleaning and I recommend their services to everyone. Keep up the good work!

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Based in Los Los Banos, CA, Bravo Carpet Cleaning provides the perfect carpet cleaning services for you.

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Bravo Carpet Cleaning
Address: Los Banos, CA 93635
Phone: (209) 826-6350

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Dos Palos, CA
Gustine, CA
Newman, CA

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